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The future of pain-relief is in nature. CBD is gaining more popularity for its myriad of benefits, but it isn’t the only natural element you should include in your daily life for better health this year. Arnica is one of the ingredients we use that makes Quanta muscle rub the ultimate product for natural wellness.

Arnica comes from the perennial Arnica montana, a yellow-daisy like flower native to some regions in Europe that can also be found in the United States. It can grow up to 2 feet tall. Historical use of Arnica dates back to the 16th Century with German folklore listing the plant as a natural remedy for bruises, skin lesions, and inflammation.

Unregulated inflammation in the body is a large part of the pain we feel, so managing it is essential for feeling good. Arnica is also beneficial for increasing blood circulation, relieving muscle tension, and even reducing pain for chronic pain issues like arthritis. In a 2007 study, Arnica in topical gel form was effective in pain relief for 76% of participants experiencing osteoarthritic knee pain when used two or three times per day for three to six weeks.

Arnica has even been shown to be just as effective as ibuprofen with fewer side effects. You may have heard that daily ibuprofen is good for keeping the pain away, but the risks of continued use may outweigh the benefits. The FDA warns about side effects like increased heart attack risk, decreased kidney and liver function, and increased blood pressure. Choosing Arnica over ibuprofen puts you at lower risk for issues by naturally working with the body for relief.

You can find arnica in our flagship muscle rub that has helped our customers deal with issues ranging from fibromyalgia to stiff and achy joints.

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